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Job Profile Form

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1. Briefly tell us a little about the nature of your business? What products/services do you sell and to whom. What is unique about your business?
2. How would you classify this sales position? (Click on selection for a detailed explanation)

3. Do you have a job description or copies of ads for this position?

If so, click here to send as an email attachment.
4. Are you able to identify the top performers?
5. Would you consider testing the top performers to identify common success traits? (If the successful performers have already been tested by us please provide their names.)

6. How many people does your company presently employ in this position? 
7. How long should it take for a new salesperson to become productive? 
8. Is it inside or outside sales? Both?

9. What is the major focus in the position?

10. Is the sales person expected to prospect for new sales?

If yes, is the rejection that the sales person experiences when prospecting harsh?
11. Does the sales representative maintain relations with the customer after the first sale is made?

12. Are sales leads generated for the sales representative?

13. How is the sales person compensated?
Draw against commission:
14. Is an incentive orientation important?
16. Are you looking for an assertive closing style?
17. Is the sales position structured or unstructured in nature (reporting, procedures, management involvement)

19. Are your products/services technical in nature?
20. Are the prospects/customers technically knowledgeable.
21. Is there a lot of paperwork(detail) to attend to by the sales representative?
22. Is the pace of the sales position:

24. Is job turnover an important concern?
25. What are the 3 most common reasons for failure in this position?

26. What are the 3 most common reasons for success in this position?

27. What top 10 descriptors (i.e. assertive, self-starter, high energy, organized, click here for more suggestions) would you use to describe the ideal person for this role? Try to list them in order of importance.
28. In your own words try to describe the ideal person for this sales role.
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