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We are North America's leader in sales staff assessment!

Founded in 1986 as Acuity Psychometrics, our sales assessment tool was formerly known as The Personality Predictor, a paper and pencil instrument for sales psychometric testing. Until 2000, our sales assessment tool was a manually prepared sales evaluation service used by companies as a tool to make better employee selection decisions.

In early 2001 was launched to offer clients a test for sales that combined the best aspects of the manual sales psychometric testing system with the convenience, speed, accessibility and low cost that only a web-based sales assessment tool could offer. In essence we offered, and continue to offer, a sales staff assessment that is of the highest quality but at a fraction of the cost of comparable sales profiling tools.

Today, our sales staff assessment is used to test for sales by more than 1400 companies worldwide, both large and small. They represent a true cross section of the business world and include some of North America's most elite and successful organizations.

Each year is used to assess tens of thousands of salespeople. For more information about our company or our test for sales, contact us by e-mail or by phone at 416-691-3661.