Sales Assessment Test Pricing

imagesAccording to conventional wisdom, one should not put pricing on their website. There are many reasons for this thinking, but basically they boil down to the idea that, unless the prospect has had a discussion with you in order for you to explain the value of your offering, then the pricing is meaningless. As well, when your price is right out front for all to see then some prospects (suspects?) will just focus on the price and will shop around to save a couple of bucks.

I don’t know about you but these days when I’m researching a service I don’t really want to talk to a rep until I am very seriously interested. For this reason, if the website wastes my time by not fully explaining things and does not have the information necessary to understand the offering, the last thing I am likely to do is waste my time conversing with a sales rep, whether about price or otherwise. It seems to me that it is just showing common courtesy and above all respect for the prospect’s time to have a website that clearly explains what you do and the value of what you do. In my view, this includes the price of what you do!

Therefore, since I determine what appears on our website, you will notice that the price of our sales assessment tests is right here on this pricing page for all to see.

You will also notice that we do not offer single sales tests and only offer our testing in pre-paid blocks with a sliding discount that offers lower per-evaluation costs for larger quantities.

Why are single assessments not offered? The reasons are quite simple really. Our goal is to keep the cost of our sales tests extremely low, which in turn will mean they will be liberally used and in particular they will be used very early in the hiring process. In this article we discuss the pros and cons of rather expensive sales assessment tests and how they do not get used because hiring managers are woeful about ‘wasting’ these expensive tests on candidates who are not ‘test-worthy’. Another common issue we’ve found with small companies is their tendency to test just one candidate per open position. The problem with this is that the hiring manager’s mind is already made up about the candidate. In fact, they should have tested their top 3-5 people so as to compare candidates and to use the information to probe into the relative merits of each. By purchasing a small block of tests they’re able to do this quickly, efficiently and very economically.

Sales testing shouldn’t be like that expensive tool or appliance you never touch for fear of breaking it, or like the sofa your grandmother kept permanently covered in plastic. No, our belief is that a sales test isn’t much good unless it actually gets used. Therefore, our pricing makes this happen! So if you’re actually interested in using a sales test because you want to hire winners then I’d love to hear from you.

Please feel free to get in touch. As always I would be more than pleased to learn about your particular sales hiring challenges. I promise to be very forthright in my comments and I am pleased to share what I can.