Sales Assessment Test – How Does a 10 Minute Test Reveal So Much?


I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard the disbelief and amazement people express when seeing how much information our test is able to uncover.   I have to admit that even now, after more than 30 years in business I still get a real kick out of this. Typical comments all follow a similar theme: ‘Your test only took me 10 minutes to complete, how can it possibly tell you so much about me?’ This is usually followed by a discussion of the science behind the test and by my offering reassurance that it’s definitely not just smoke and mirrors.

For most people the process of taking the test for themselves or giving it to a known employee followed by seeing the accuracy of the results is very convincing. This is particularly so, since we have no hesitation about taking them ‘under the hood’ to explain things, as well as to answer their various questions. Even if they were initially skeptical, this is usually enough to bring them around.

So, since the skepticism is really just a symptom of a credibility concern I wanted to cover two things. Firstly without getting into the technical weeds of how our test works I wanted to explain it somewhat, and to provide a little background and history. Secondly, since there are numerous well known and respected testing organizations that use the very same type of psychometric methodology, I am providing links to their websites so you can do further research if you wish. Instrument

Our test, which when introduced in 1986, consisted of two printed pages, is now presented on two screens. After logging in, test takers are given an instruction and based on how they respond to that instruction, check off their choices from about 100 adjectives. Following this, they go to the second screen and are given a different instruction and are asked to make their choices on this screen also.

Testing Methodology

We cannot take credit for inventing the testing methodology that we use in our test. Instead, like almost all of the dozens of tests that use an adjective based system, our psychometric test developers created the test, using as their foundation, the previous research of some of the most eminent names in Industrial Psychology.   That research, which dates back nearly a century shows that people with similar traits tend to respond to visual symbols in a manner that is similar and consistent. In the case of our test and the others mentioned below the symbols used are adjectives.

Origins of the Research

Rather than attempt to summarize the origins of the research behind our testing methodology I have listed below various links to information about the psychology and the psychologists who did the original research. And of course the following pages have still further links:

Adjective Based Tests

Below I have listed links to ‘adjective based commercial’ tests. Their familiarity to those in the business world varies widely.–Briggs_Type_Indicator – The_Birkman_Method

On this page you will also find a link to a listing of many others and further links to other information about testing:


While we did not invent the testing methodology that we use in our sales assessment test it is based on extensive psychological research with a long history and an impressive reputation.   Given the number of test instruments that are based on this same psychometric methodology it is not an exaggeration to say that literally millions of businesses worldwide are using it as part of their hiring regime.

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