Unsolicited Testimonial

5.15.13-300-resize-380x300This morning on Linkedin we received the following unsolicited customer testimonial about the accuracy of our sales assessment test :

Jim Gillespie This is an absolutely unsolicited testimonial – in fact, they’ll find out about it when they read this comment: When we first looked at David’s product, we tested it on some of our current staff. The results were incredible. We felt we were looking at written mirror images of the test takers. More so, the results outlined why they were viable candidates – or not – for sales. We have found over the past 10 years or so that SalesTestOnline works exceedingly well at identifying the traits that a candidate has and whether they can be successful hires.

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Author: David Pearce

David Pearce is the President of Established in 1986, is North America's #1 provider of sales personality tests. has over 1400 satisfied customers (97% re-order rate) who use our sales test to measure the suitability of sales candidates and sales employees. is customized to your unique criteria, fully automated, instantaneous, extremely accurate and very economical.

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