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The Sales Personality Test takes the guesswork out of hiring sales people so you will never be fooled again. If you use our Sales Personality Test you will accurately identify the candidate's true sales personality traits and hire more successful sales people because they have the most sales potential. This short video about what we do explains the reason you should use our Sales Personality Test is because sales candidates play roles during interviews to make it appear as though they have the type of sales personality that you are looking for. This is why even very experienced interviewers can be fooled.

Our sales assessment test takes the guesswork out of hiring salespeople by measuring the sales applicant's true motivational style, sales personality traits and job fit today, so you make better hiring decisions. Our sales assessment test cuts through the applicant's façade and identifies the real person, enabling you to accurately determine if they have the right sales personality for your position.

Our sales test is convenient quick and non-threatening and the sales test results are instantaneous, comprehensive, clear and concise. Best of all, our sales assessment test is extremely economical to use and we even include customization around your unique position requirements.

  • Eliminate Hiring Risk
  • Identify High Potential Hires
  • Save Time and Money

If you interview sales people, you know it's easy to measure skills, training and experience. Applicants that are weak in these areas can be taught. Most managers agree, that sales people invariably fail because their sales personality is a bad fit for the job. This softer area of sales personality and motivational style is what really needs to be measured. As critical as this information is, it is also the most difficult area to evaluate. This is because sales applicants play roles based on what type of sales personality they think you are looking for in order to get the job. This explains why an applicant can look very good in an interview today, yet turn out to be a complete failure in a few weeks or months. Of course, by then it's too late.

Use our Sales Assessment Test today and Never Be Fooled Again!