What We Do
Our sales personality test cuts through the applicant's facade to uncover the real person-before it is too late!
Sales applicants play roles because they want the job. This is why even experienced interviewers get fooled and make costly hiring mistakes.
Our sales personality test reduces hiring errors by arming you with an objective, accurate and detailed sales personality test report.
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Using Salestestonline.com is easy and convenient. Testing is self-managed, automated and instant.
  1. Direct applicant to online test site and give them the password.
  2. When applicant completes test you are instantly notified by email.
  3. Log into your account at our client web site to view the test results.
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Why Us?
Salestestonline.com works! Our 25+ year track record and 97% re-order rate is proof.
Salestestonline.com is web based, instantaneous, tailored to your criteria, yet very economical. Testing is convenient, quick and non-threatening. Our reports are clear and to the point yet comprehensive. Why Us? Because we offer a better service at a lower cost!
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